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Your manufactory for travel dreams

There are moments that can not be put into words. Moments whose beauty becomes physically tangible – in a warm feeling of absolute joy and fulfillment. Moments, so powerful and breathtaking, that the world seems to stand still for a moment, only to get moving once again through the echoing echo.

We of noble luxury travel are not content with just one moment – we create powerful memories for eternity. Our highest aspiration is to provide you with a luxury vacation that will carry you far beyond your stay. Full of brilliant experiences and unique encounters, as precious as a sparkling talisman that accompanies you and can return you to the place of happiness at any time. Together, we search for your personal talisman.

We promise you that!

According to a Japanese saying, good memories carry our lives. That’s why, from noble luxury travel, it’s our heart- great opportunity to bring you fantastic memories – for a glamorous life, full of joy and light heartedness. Memories that are so strong that they never fade, that bring you back again and again to the place of happiness that lets you breathe the sea air, that lets you feel the sun on your skin and keep fulfilling it with harmony. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed creativity, imagination and skill at the highest level – with one goal in mind to make you happy. This ambitious endeavor will be realized by your personal travel designer. He creates for you the luxury journey, which satisfies your individual needs. No wish can be fancy enough, no yearning too strong and no dream too crazy. We take you to the most remote places or to the most exciting cities. You experience unique natural spectacles or dive into picturesque landscapes. Give up any perfectionism – we’ll do it for you.

Our expertise for luck

Trust us your most precious treasure – the time, on. We know the responsibility that comes with it. We, as tour operators for individual luxury travel, have been able to develop unique expertise over the years. We have a network that allows us to fulfill your every wish. The satisfaction of our customers, as well as awards of well-known luxury hotels and commendations for “Germany’s best travel designers”, fortify us in this way. With organizational talent and an eye for innovation, we will find for you the Garden of Eden of every country. Landscapes will enchant you. Culinary highlights will make you crazy. You get to know cultural treasures that fly your mind. You enter paradisiacal worlds that you did not think possible. Excellence and balance are our guiding stars in planning your luxury vacation, after which we will work together for you. The team of edeltravel luxury travel is constantly traveling around the world to have at any time for you the latest highlights from the luxury industry. With the utmost care and attention to detail, we surprise people of all ages with exclusive family trips. Let us unleash your desire for freedom and conquer new worlds together.